Title: Anatomy of a Single Girl.
Series: Anatomy, #2.
Author: Daria Snadowsky.
Publication Date: January 8th, 2013.
Publisher: Delacorte Books.
Format: Hardback, 227 pages.
Source: Provided By Author.
My Rating:

After everything that happened—my first boyfriend, my first time, my first breakup—jumping back into the dating game seemed like the least healthy thing I could do. It’s not that I didn’t want to fall in love again, since that’s about the best feeling ever. But as a busy college premed still raw from heartbreak, which is the worst feeling ever, I figured I’d lie low for a while. Of course, as soon as I stopped looking for someone, an impossibly amazing—and devastatingly cute—guy came along, and I learned that having a new boyfriend is the quickest way to recover from losing your old one.

The moment we got together, all my preconceptions about romance and sex were turned upside down. I discovered physical and emotional firsts I never knew existed. I learned to let go of my past by living in the present. It was thrilling. It was hot. It was just what the doctor ordered.

But I couldn’t avoid my future forever.

It really didn’t take me that long to finish this book at all, I sat down one evening and flew through half of it – and did the same thing the next night! Anatomy of a Single girl was just as good, if not better than the first book in this series. Although it may be short, the amount of information and drama that Daria has managed to put into this book was incredible. In the first book, Anatomy of a Boyfriend, we learn about Dom falling in love and having her first and sex for the first time – in this novel, Dom is learning how to move on from her heartbreak and explores the lines between love and lust in a summer fling.

Dom, our main protagonist is back once again and has grown up and developed so much since the first book and I think she was definitely more mature. I really love Dom’s character; she’s smart, funny and such a pleasure to read about. Even though I have a bit of trouble connecting to Dom’s character in general – it didn’t make the book any less fun to read. I also loved how open-ended the book was, and how Dom closed off her story for the time being. I hope there will be a sequel, because I really want a happy ending for this girl!

Guy is Dom’s ‘boyfriend’ for the summer, and to be perfectly honest; I wasn’t that keen on him. I preferred him over her previous boyfriend, Wes – but not by much. I can completely understand Guy’s actions and why he decides to make their relationship only a summer thing – but his thoughts on love, marriage and kids were really immature and annoying. Guy seemed like a nice enough guy though, he was funny, kind, caring and patient – but there was just something about him that I just wasn’t keen on – I’m not entirely sure what though.

Overall I really enjoyed Anatomy of a Single Girl; it was fantastic and was a funny, thought provoking book. I love how Daria can get across a serious message through her novels, but can still be fun and upbeat about it at the same time. The reason that this book didn’t get more than 4/5 stars, is because, once again – I really wasn’t that keen on the love interest. Daria Snadowsky’s writing is really unique, interesting and beautiful all at the same time – she’s definitely an author to keep an eye out for. I can’t wait to find out if there will be another book in this series, and if so; what will happen and where the characters will end up!

There’s something about the sight of a gorgeous guy in an open convertible heading in your direction that makes all bad feelings evaporate into thin air. - Page 75.

I wasn’t expecting him to light candles or scatter rose petals. But I just made myself infertile for him, so the least he could’ve done was make the bed. - Page 154.

"High school sweetheart" is such an innocuous-sounding term for something that can tear out your guts. - Page 212.

E-Book Haul #7

Hey book nerds! :D I have a massive e-book haul for you today! I went a little crazy buying multiple e-books recently, and also downloading the Amazon freebies. ^^; This isn't all of them, but I'll be doing another post soon and they will be included in that - I just didn't want this post to be too long. :P I can't believe it's nearly the end of September already - I've barely read any books this month! As for what I am reading at the moment; I've nearly finished Anatomy of a Single Girl by Daria Snadowsky - so keep an eye out for that. Also, at this moment I'm editing a YouTube video, so if you're subscribed to me there, I'll be posting my response to the Marry, Kiss, Cliff book tag. :) That's it for today! ^.^

E-books For Review

A big thanks to Nikki Jefford who sent me a kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! :) I loved the first book in this series and can't wait to see what happens next. ^.^

E-books Bought

Buried Secrets by Emme Rollins.
A Dark-Adapted Eye by Heather Crews.
Awaken (Patronus, #1) by Sarah M. Ross.
Lichgates (The Grimoire Saga, #1) by S.M. Boyce.

Treehugger by Kea Alwang.
Loving Your Lies by Piper Shelly.
Introductions (The Academy, #1) by C.L. Stone.
Illusion (Dead Ringers, #1) by Darlene Gardner.

Kindred (Kindred, #1) by Nicola Claire.
Thirst (Ava Delaney, #1) by Claire Farrell.
Pinehurst (Pinehurst, #1) by Nicole Grane.
Glamour (Rae Wilder, #1) by Penelope Fletcher.

Surfer Girl by Lynn Blackmar.
Because of Lucy by Lisa Swallow.
Preordained (Preordained, #1) by Kelly Libsack.
Dark Creations: Gabriel Rising (Dark Creations, #1-2) by Jennifer & Christopher Martucci.

So many awesome looking e-books!! :D I'm really looking forward to starting Because of Lucy, as I participated in the Book Blitz for the book the other day. It looked like such an awesome book that I just HAD to go and buy it from Amazon. :3 I also think the Beachwood Bay series looks really interesting! The #0.5 and #1.5 were freebies on Amazon, so I just decided to go ahead and buy the first and second so I can read them in order when I get around to it! :D My favourite covers are probably the ones for; Kindred, Glamour, Because of Lucy and A Dark-Adapted Eye - I think they're all so pretty and I love the colourings! :3 As for the rest of them, at the time of purchase, they were Amazon freebies - they still might be - go check them out! :) Have you read any of these e-books, or have you heard of them? Let me know! ^.^

What e-books did you get this week? Leave me a comment or a link to your blog post and I'll be sure to check it out. ^.^ Happy reading! (:

Thank you Xpresso Book Tours for hosting this feature!

Title: Because of Lucy.
Author: Lisa Swallow.
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult.
Publication Date: August 28th, 2013.
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC .
Format: eBook & Paperback, 220 pages.

*Recommended 17+ due to strong language and sexual content*

Ness’s parents are shocked when she turns down her place at Leeds University and takes on a full-time job in a call center. Determined to begin her adult life the way she wants, Ness moves to Leeds to live with her best friend Abby.

One night she meets Evan, who is everything she hates about guys. He may be hot but he’s also drunken, arrogant, and on top of that, he apparently has sex with girls and forgets about it. But Evan isn’t what he seems and Ness soon discovers they have more in common than she thought.

Evan is struggling to escape from his past too, and when Lucy appears she threatens his new relationship with Ness. Unsure if she can deal with the effect Lucy has on Evan, Ness makes a decision about her future which pulls them apart.

When their new lives don’t go as planned, Ness and Evan are both faced with difficult choices. All because of Lucy…

Website | Good Reads | Facebook | Twitter

Lisa is originally from the UK but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. She splits her time between writing, raising a family and running a business. She even leaves the house occasionally.

Lisa writes romance and is currently working on a series of new adult paranormal romance novels, the first book, Soul Ties, was published in July 2013. She also writes new adult contemporary - Because of Lucy was released August 2013.


I side step the sink and turn. A guy leans against the doorframe, trying to appear nonchalant but his slackened stance indicates he’s attempting to keep himself upright. His brown hair is longer at the front and spills into his face, and unfocused brown eyes appear to be looking in my direction. He’s one of the regulars. I don’t pay a lot of attention, but he’s a good-looking guy and they never go unnoticed.
“Yes?” I snap. I’m so not in the mood.
His eyes sweep my figure. Unbelievable... I straighten my sleeves and look at him with an eyebrow raised.
“Are you Abby’s housemate?”
“Who are you?”
“Evan.” He rubs his nose. “You’re not a student?”
“Correct, I am the one not lying in a drunken haze on the floor contemplating my navel.”
Evan takes a step forward, steadying himself with one hand as my witty repartee sails over his head. “Why?”
“Why am I not on the floor pissed?”
“Why aren’t you a student?”
“Because I work instead.”
“Hmm.” He pauses and grasps onto the sink, searching for a glass. I pass him the spare one. “Did you fail?”
“Fail what?”
Evan fills the glass. “Or are you just not smart enough for uni? What is it you do?” He gulps the water in three mouthfuls then wipes his mouth with his hand.
Arrogant wanker. “That’s right, I’m not smart enough. I’m living with Abby until I can find a nice man to marry then I can have 2.4 kids and a house in the suburbs. Because, as I’m not a student, I have no future.”
Evan leans against the sink. “Fair enough.”
Oh my god he believes me. How pissed is he exactly? “So, you think anyone who doesn’t go to university is inferior to you?” I demand.
I’ve seen her friends looking down their noses at me. Inverted snobbery. On top of that, the locals hate students and the students hate locals. I’m neither. I can’t win.

We’re close now and he stinks of alcohol and pot, a faint hint of deodorant lingering on his clothes. Evan’s T-shirt has come untucked and rides up as he leans against the sink. He’s toned, evidently works out. I can’t help myself, I check him out. Beneath his curls he has deep brown eyes. Incoherent eyes. I hate to admit, but something about him is seriously sexy.
Even if he is a dick.
“Well, if you’ll excuse me,” I say.
He sniggers.
“What’s funny?”
“You sound like the Queen.”
Not this again. I get enough crap at work. I move from Cheltenham to Yorkshire and suddenly I’m ‘stuck up home counties girl’. I don’t dignify his comment with an answer and turn away from him, and walk out of the kitchen.
“Want me to get the guy out of your bed?” he calls after me.
I stop and look round. “You know him?”
“I could replace him.”
My mouth drops open at his arrogance. An attempt at a flirtatious smile plays around his lips but the unfocused eyes kill the effect he’s trying to achieve. He’s serious. I imagine he has a ready supply of eager girls. No surprise with a body and looks like his, such a shame he needs a personality transplant.
I step towards him. “Evan. I am not pissed. Nor are you getting into my bed. Good night.”
Feeling happy with my retort, I saunter towards the stairs. Behind me, Evan impersonates my sentence with an exaggerated posh accent.

It’s a good thing that I’m sober otherwise I’d go back there and punch him.

Title: Icons.
Series: Icons, #1.
Author: Margaret Stohl.
Publication Date: May 7th, 2013.
Publisher: Harper Voyager.
Format: Paperback, 447 pages.
Source: Provided By Publisher.
My Rating:

When the Icons landed, everything changed.
They called it The Day.
The day the windows shattered.
The day the power stopped.
The day Dol’s family dropped dead.

Earth lost a war it didn’t know it was fighting.
Since then, Dol has lived a simple life in the countryside, far from the nearest Icon and it’s terrifying power. Hiding from the one truth she can’t avoid.

Dol is different.
She survived. Why?

Icons took me much longer to read than I expected it too – not because it was a bad book, but because it was quite full on and a heavy read. The amount of detail and information in Icons is pretty overwhelming, but also fascinating and interesting at the same time. Right from the beginning of this book you are dropped into this post-apocalyptic world where Aliens - known as Icons - have taken over the earth and are ruling. The world itself is amazing and very descriptive, however I did find myself lost and very confused at quite a few times intervals throughout the book. It seemed as if Margaret Stohl had just wanted to cram as much information and details into the first book, when really I thought it would have been a bit better if she’d toned it down a little. However, this did not detract from the fact that this book was a wonderful read.

Dol is our main protagonist and lost her parents on The Day when she was just a baby. I loved Dol’s character, she was fantastic – but she was also; strong, loyal and well grounded – everything I love in a protagonist. I’m always on the lookout for awesome characters that I’d love to be friends with, and Dol definitely fits into that category. Dol definitely knew how to stand up for herself and say what she means, which I found really admirable. I can’t wait to see if she progresses into an even better character in the next book.

Ro is Dol’s best friend, they grew up together and have a special bond that is incredibly hard to describe. Their friendship was amazing to read about, and I loved reading the scenes where it was just the two of them together. Their friendship was so raw and deep and they have a wonderful connection. Lucas is the Ambassador’s son; Dol’s enemy is so many ways but also her ally – but Dol and Lucas also share a connection and attraction. I found it a little annoying how quickly Dol and Lucas fell for each other – a sense a bit of insta love – but their friendship was lovely. And lastly it’s Tima - the fourth and final one of our characters - and probably the most bad-ass in my opinion. I loved Tima’s character, she had a rough exterior, but inside she was very caring and a really awesome character.

Usually I’m not one for love triangles – at all – so when I realised that Icons would contain one, I was a little wary. However on this particular occasion, it did not make me cringe or become frustrated, and I was truly and honestly curious about who Dol would choose to be with. What I loved about Dol’s relationship with both Ro and Lucas was that they were entirely real, and she had genuine feelings for both of them. There are obvious and different reasons why she was attracted to each of them and I felt like I could actually feel the conflict raging inside her. To be perfectly honest though, I didn’t have a preference about who Dol ended up with. To me, it seemed more important that they should all keep together as friends – and think about love after that – but oh well.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Icons – it may have taken about 30 pages or so to get into, but I thought it was a fantastic book. The plotline for the novel is incredibly unique and I’ve not read anything like it before. Margaret Stohl’s writing is lovely and such a pleasure to read – her writing style goes above and beyond what I expected. As I’ve not read anything by Margaret Stohl yet, I was a little apprehensive at first about starting Icons. So many people rave about the Beautiful Creatures series that she co-wrote with Kami Garcia, that I was worried that her writing style would be way overhyped – but it definitely wasn’t! I believe Icons well and truly earned the 4/5 star rating I gave it, and I probably would have given it more if it weren’t for the things I’ve mentioned and the fact it took me so long to get through. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the sequel to this book, I’m sure it’ll be just as good and go on to be a fantastic series!

Ro trails his hands against the wall as he walks. The archivists look at him as he passes. Ro is good at irritating people; he'll find the one thing you don't want him to do, and do it every time. It's one of his many gifts. - Page 218.

I am powerful because of who and what I am. Not because of who I am not. - Page 380.

It doesn’t matter anymore, whether it happened to me or not. It happened to some of us, so it happened to me. I know that now. I accept it.
It’s who I am. - Page 427.

Hey Book Nerds! I cannot believe it's been a year already since I started book blogging. It seems like only a few weeks ago I wrote my first blog post! :) Over the last year I've met so many amazing people in the blogging community and I've read and heard of so many amazing books since I started this blog. So I want to thank each and every one of you guys for all your support, feedback and wonderful comments! ^.^ The British Book Nerd wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for all of my wonderful followers, stalkers, commenter’s and people who just fancy popping in once in a while. :3 I LOVE YOU GUYS! ..Too much? Never mind!

So, to say another great big thank you to everyone - I’m holding an international giveaway. I'm afraid, due to a lack of actual funds; the giveaway isn't going to be that amazing. ;_; I really apologise! However, I do hope you'll all be interested enough to enter. :) The rules and prize is going to be a little complicated, so let me know if you don't understand anything. ^.^

What Could You Win?

Okay, so this is where it is going to get a little complicated. If you're from the United Kingdom then you can choose any book from the Amazon UK website that is £4 or under. I'll leave some suggestions down below - there are loads of books for sale, new on Amazon for about £3.85 - so it's particularly handy! (Please note that these book prices may change and if they go up in price - you may need to choose a different book) If you're from outside the UK, don't worry - you can still enter - however, instead of me sending you a book through Amazon and having to pay the postage, you'll receive a £4 Amazon gift card. Does everyone follow?

Please note that if you're not from the UK, the £4 will be converted into your currency for the Giftcard and may seem more or less, depending on where you're from.

Possible Books To Choose From

Of course, you don't have to choose any of these books - they're just some suggestions! :) If there's another book you'd like for £4 or less, let me know and I'll be more than happy to order that one for you instead. Or, if you're like me and love to buy used books, and don't always mind that they've been read before because you got them for an awesome price - you can choose a used book instead. :) If you decide to choose a used book though (make sure it's fulfilled by Amazon), please note that I can't be sure of the condition. Anyway, that's it - enjoy! :D

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