Hello again my fellow book nerds and lovers. (: Here is my second part of my Bookshelf Tour! :D I was planning on uploading and posting this on Thursday, however my Internet was being stupid and didn't let me. SO, I'm posting this today! (: Also, depending on my Internet speed, my Stacking The Shelves post for this week may be a bit late, so I'm really sorry if it is. D:


Photos Of My Books

My apologies again for the bad quality of the photos, as I've said before - It's a dark part of my room AND in a cupboard. ^^; If you didn't bother watching my video, then the last two photos are pictures of my TBR pile that live beside my bed until I've read them. (After that, they get organised into my cupboard - obviously by now I have even more though..) Anyway, that's it for my Bookshelf tour! :D Thanks for much for watching/seeing/viewing. If any of you would like an extra part of a Bookshelf tour, that includes; my Manga, Japanese books, annuals and other non-fiction books - do let me know and I'll try my best to do so! :D Happy reading. (:


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