Teaser Tuesday #8

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by MizB of; Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along by doing the following. Grab your current read open to a random page and share two “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page - remember, no spoilers! Don't forget to share the title and the author.

Hi booknerds! :3 I hope you're all doing okay and you're having a great start to the week. (: I created some 'social' buttons that I've put in the side bar - which link to my GoodReads, Twitter and YouTube pages. I knew how to make them, however I used some of the settings from Book Nerd Canada's tutorial to make them look more interesting. ^.^ Thanks Giselle!


"Adam might not have noticed them at all if it hadn't been for the big one, a black guy in a T-shirt as gray as the bark of the large oak he stood beside. Adam couldn't see the others well, but he knew from the way that they stood without moving that they were dead."

- Page 52, "Generation Dead (Generation Dead, #1)"
by Daniel Waters.

I'm really not sure what I think of this book so far, I think it's including way too much detail and scenes that are Football related. It's kind of annoying. ;_; I do, however, think the cover is gorgeous, so simple - yet amazing. I love the US cover as well, but this one is my favourite. ^.^

What are your teasers for this Tuesday? Leave me a comment or a link to your blog post and I'll be sure to check it out! :D Happy Reading. (:


  1. Heya! Loving the teaser, I've actually read this book and I really enjoyed it. :)
    PS. The cover is pretty amazing!

    Here's my teaser... it's from the book 'I Hunt Killers' so that's exciting!

    Sadie @ Lyrics.

  2. Oh dear...a black rose. :)

    Thanks for the teaser...love the cover.

    My teaser is from The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin.

    My Teaser is below. Have a great Tuesday.

    Silver’s Reviews