Hey Book Nerds! I come bringing you very unfortunate news. (Snape definitely doesn't approve!) As you all probably know by now Google Reader will no longer be around starting tomorrow. Considering the fact that there's nothing we can actually do to change this - I've been trying not to stress too much over it. However, the majority of you guys that follow my blog, are following me via Google Friend Connect (GFC) - and seeing as that will no longer be in motion as of tomorrow; if any of you want to continue getting notices, or just want to continue following my blog in general, you'll have to follow via a different method.

I personally recommend following me via Bloglovin’, seeing as it’s the easiest method – however, when my new layout is up, there will be the possibility of following me via Linky once more. (I’m really not sure what happened to that widget) Don’t forget you can also follow The British Book Nerd by e-mail; look in the sidebar and enter your e-mail address to subscribe for updates. :) Anyway, that’s it for today – more content will be coming shortly, and I do hope at least some of you feel like you want to continue following my blog. Talk soon! :D

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  1. Hey Tiffa! Yeah really upsetting that google reader is shutting down >.< but I will definitely keep following you :D This is one of my favorite blogs to check out! Also I really want to follow via Email but it says it hasn't been enabled O.o Just wanted to let you know. Will be following via bloglovin too ^_^

    -Much <3 & hugs *awaiting the Google Reader end tomorrow*
    Lisseth @ Read-A-holicZ

    1. Hey Lisseth! :) Thanks alot. :3 I just realised I hadn't activated my feedburner! *hits head* It's now enabled so you can follow via e-mail as well if you'd like. ^.^