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Hey book nerds! :D I hope you're all doing well and you've had a great week. :3 We've just been having gail-force winds here, it knocked our wheelie bin over! xD It's my younger brother's 17th birthday today, so later we're having our family over for cake. :3 Chocolate cake! :D There's not a whole lot else to say, apart from the 'special' package I received in the post on Wednesday is a Kindle Fire HD! :D I'm really pleased with it; it's a kindle, with the added effect of it being a tablet as well. I've already bought a bunch of books which are listed below! ^.^ The cost did hit my savings quite hard, but I know I’ll get so much use out of it. :)


Photos And Book Information
Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce.
Flawless by Lara Chapman.

Thank you to Bloomsbury Publishing who sent me Anthem For Jackson Dawes for review.


The Stone Guardian and The Light Of The Moon were sent to me by the authors in exchange for honest reviews. Thank you! :)

Gamers (Gamers, #1) by Thomas K. Carpenter.
The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1) by Jessica Sorensen.
Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls, #1) by Jessica Sorensen.

I'm so excited for all of these books! I'm currently reading The Stone Guardian, so within a week or so, expect to see a review of it up. ^.^ I really can't decide which book I'm most excited to start reading. D: Probably Never Have I Ever or Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - they both look incredible! I'm also really excited to start reading Pushing the Limits, I bought it on Amazon for 20p and I've heard so many great things about it. ^.^ The rest of the e-books, apart from the ones I got sent for review, I bought for free on Amazon! Have you guys read any of these books? :)

What books did you get this week? Leave me a comment or a link to your blog post and I'll be sure to check it out! ^.^ Happy reading! (:


  1. pushing the limits is awesome!!! Enjoy reading it!
    Here's what I got this week.

  2. I really want to read Jessica's Guide to Dating on the DArkside! Oh and I loved Pushing the Limits so much! It is brilliant!

    Check Out My Haul! Letterbox Love!

  3. ohh I LOVE Nightshade and Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side! I hope you enjoy them!! (:

    The Stone Guardian also sounds really good! (: Looking forward to your reviews hun! (:

    Haley @ YA-Aholic

  4. Ooh you have some great looking books. Nightshade looks so good! :-) Happy reading, and have a great week!

  5. I have Jackson Dawes too and can't wait to read it.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  6. Great selection of books!! I read the statistical probability of love at first sight and it was great. Also i really want to start the nightshade series!

    hope you enjoy them all
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf