Wrap-Up: January 2014

Hey book nerds! :) I'm sorry this post is super late this month, but things have been hectic around my home over the last week or so! I've moved rooms, and there were piles of books and other random stuff all around my old room, and in my new one! My brother's used to have their own rooms, and my sister and I have shared a room since we were little kids. However, now my mum thought it was time to put the boys together and let me and Mia have our own space - mostly because it's more fair, and my brothers get along much better than me and my sister do. Everything has been moved now and I now have my own room. :D All my books fit nicely in the wardrobe, but there is literally no more space to buy any more! ^^; I do, however have a bunch of books to show you in my February Book Haul, which I'll be working on as soon as I can. :) I'm still having a bad time with my depression, so I'm sorry that I’ve been so absent - unfortunately I'm still going to need to take some more time off blogging (aside from the necessary posts), until I feel a bit better. I hope you'll all understand! :3 Anyway, that's it for today - I hope you all have a great week.


Books Read In January 2014
  • Stella by Helen Eve.
  • Frostbite by Richelle Mead.
  • Resist by Sarah Crossan.
  • Trust In Me by J. Lynn.
  • Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick.
  • Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison.

Total: 6 books read.
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What books did you read in January 2014? Don't forget to leave me a comment or a link to your blog post and I'll be sure to check it out! ^.^ Happy Reading! (:


  1. Sorry to hear you are still struggling with your depression, hope February is easier on you than January was, it must be lovely to have your own room, I didn't even realise you shared a room with your sister, must have been pretty awful if you're not close.

    I have got Stella to read on my kindle so I am glad you enjoyed it, I read 8 books in January which were:

    1) Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell
    2) After Eden - Helen Douglas
    3) Pretty Little Liars: Deadly - Sara Shepard
    4) Untethered - Katie Hayoz
    5) Dead Girls Detective Agency - Suzy Cox
    6) Pivot Point - Kasie West
    7) The Rockstars Daughter - Caitlyn Duffy
    8) The School For Good & Evil - Soman Chainani

    I enjoyed all of them although I found that The School For Good & Evil really did start to drag, it took me nearly a full week to read which is quite rare for me. At the moment I am reading Uninvited by Sophie Jordan and I am really enjoying it.