Title: Confessions of an Angry Girl.
Series: Confessions, #1.
Author: Louise Rozett.
Publication Date: January 4th, 2012.
Publisher: Mira Ink.
Format: Paperback, 266 pages.
Source: Provided By Publisher.
My Rating:

This is a story about Rose.
About the occasional panic attack and being fourteen in the suburbs without a mobile phone.
Read it and weep.

Rose’s first year at Union High isn’t exactly going to plan. Her family’s broken, her supposed best friend’s going boy crazy and Rose is so far behind socially that she might as well be moving backwards.

Until her brother’s best friend Jamie offers her a ride home – and a way into the world of his popular clique – if only it weren’t for his perfect cheerleader girlfriend. Now Rose is learning how to climb the wobbly high-school ladder, while struggling to hang on to what matters most...

This book was a really quick and easy read for me – and I really enjoyed reading it. Louise Rozett’s writing is fun and absorbing, yet she’s still able to convey across some serious and important points as well. There are a few important lessons stressed throughout Confessions of an Angry Girl, but the main one was about having safe sex – and making sure you and your partner both respect each other before you do it. I think Louise handled writing this really well, and it didn’t seem to feel like she was lecturing the reader about these things, but still managed to stress the importance of them – which I thought was really well done.

Rose is our main protagonist in Confessions of an Angry girl, and only a few months previous had to bury her father, who was killed serving in the military. Rose is angry at the entire world, at her brother for leaving her to go to college and at her mum for being emotionally absent since her dad’s death. All of Rose’s emotions were so raw and rough, I felt like I could actually feel the things she was feeling even though I’ve never been her situation. I really liked Rose’s character, she was funny, witty and smart – but she also annoyed me a little bit too. I hated the way she treated her friend, Robert throughout the book. Robert may be a little over enthusiastic with his feelings for Rose – but he seemed really sweet and kind. Even though Rose didn’t have any feelings for Robert, I wish she’d just told him, rather than leading him on and then being extremely rude to him. I hate people like this, and her actions and the way she spoke to him really irritated me. I did think it was really interesting to see all the different sides of Rose though; her angry side, her vulnerable side and occasionally her happy side. She had so many emotions building up inside her, swirling together and creating chaos that I’m surprised she didn’t snap sooner.

Rose’s best friend, Tracy, has been friends with Rose since they were little kids and they did everything together – that is, until she gets a boyfriend and joins the cheerleading squad. I really didn’t like Tracy at all, to me; she seemed like such a bitch. Tracy didn’t want to listen to Rose when she warns her about the true intentions of her boyfriend – and this infuriated me. When you stop listening to your best friend, or don’t believe her for some reason – that’s when you know she’s not as good of a friend to you as you are to her. It really hurt me to read how Rose was coping with this, as I have personal experience in the matter. I believe Rose deserved much better than Tracy, but at the end of the day – it may just be me getting overly sensitive.

I had mixed feelings about Jamie, Rose’s brother’s friend – and the guy Rose has a crush on. I love a bad boy character, especially if they’re as mysterious and cool as Jamie – however, I also find it a little irritating when a male guy tells the girl they really like (and who likes them back for that matter), that ‘I’m not good for you’ or ‘I’m not right for you’ – it really irks me, mainly because; who are they to tell them what’s right for them? It’s not right for them to decide that for them, I think the girl needs to figure it out for herself. You don’t learn a whole lot about Jamie’s character, apart from the fact that he’s artistic, but I kind of like that, but I kind of don’t at the same time – let’s hope we learn more about him in the sequel!

Overall, I really did enjoy this book – it was such an inspiring and interesting read. I’m not overly sure why I can’t rate it a 5/5 star rating, probably because it wasn’t one of those books that blows me away, but I did love Confessions of an Angry Girl. I honestly think this book well and truly earned the 4/5 star rating I gave it and Louise Rozett’s writing is fantastic. I can’t wait to read more from Louise in the future and see where the story goes in the sequel to this book!

And suddenly I can see the future so clearly I can’t believe I couldn’t see it before. There is no room for me in this world of vodka and cheer-witches, which is fine, because I don’t want to be in it anyway. At least, I don’t think I do. But is it possible that, even though we’ve been friends since before we could read, Tracy and I might not make it through this year? - Page 63.

The next minute happens in slow motion. Jamie Forta turns to me, puts his warm hand on my neck, and pulls me toward him. It dawns on me that he is about to kiss me, and I panic because I’ve never kissed an older man - I’ve never kissed anyone for real, only while playing stupid games at junior high school parties – and he surely must know everything there is to know because he’s wiser and he’s a bad boy and he gets around and I’m just a silly little girl and none of that matters because his lips are on mine and it’s so easy I can hardly believe I was worried I wouldn’t know what to do. - Page 115.

My dad is in our kitchen, his crazy hair sticking straight up, wearing his favourite striped T-shirt and glaring at the photographer over the top of his coffee mug. If it weren’t for a tiny smile on his mouth, he’d look mad, but I can tell he’s just kidding. The photo makes me laugh a little, and I know it’s totally wrong for the site, but it’s the perfect place-holder for now. - Page 172.


  1. I really enjoyed this too, got the 2nd one in my to be read pile so I'll get around to it soon hopefully. I'd give it a 4 out of 5 also, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was.

  2. I never really had a desire to read this before...but now it sounds pretty good. I think I'm gonna give it a shot (: Thanks for another recommendation Tiffa! :D

    Haley @ YA-Aholic