"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Hey Book Nerds! :D How are you all doing today? I've been really enjoying all of the books I've been reading recently, and finished Ink by Amanda Sun the other day. It was a fantastic book and my review will probably be posted tomorrow! :D I'm currently reading the third book in the Soul Screamers series, My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent and I love it so far. I think the series is really fantastic, and if you've not read the first book, you really need too! Anyway, It's been a few weeks since I posted a Waiting On Wednesday post, mainly because I've just not been waiting on much at all. However, recently I've been adding a lot of books that are being released next year to my TBR pile on Good Reads. So I thought it was time to start sharing these again. :3 So, that's it for today, talk again soon. ^.^

Title: Nearly Gone.
Author: Elle Cosimano.
Expected Publication: March 25th, 2014.
Publisher: Kathy Dawson Books.
Format: Hardback, 388 pages.

Nearly Boswell knows how to keep secrets. Living in a DC trailer park, she knows better than to share anything that would make her a target with her classmates. Like her mother's job as an exotic dancer, her obsession with the personal ads, and especially the emotions she can taste when she brushes against someone's skin. But when a serial killer goes on a killing spree and starts attacking students, leaving cryptic ads in the newspaper that only Nearly can decipher, she confides in the one person she shouldn't trust: the new guy at school—a reformed bad boy working undercover for the police, doing surveillance. . . on her.

Nearly might be the one person who can put all the clues together, and if she doesn't figure it all out soon—she'll be next.

Okay, HOLY COW! This looks like an absolutely fantastic book! As I've said countless times before, I'm a huge sucker for murder mystery books, or just mystery books in general - so this one really looks like it'll be incredible. :) As for the cover, I really like it! It's so simple, and I love the font and the close up shot of her mouth and wet hair. Although I'm not really sure what the significance of the numbers in the word 'Nearly' is, I'm sure once I read it I'll find out though! :D What do you guys think of the looks of this book, have you heard of it before? :) Let me know! ^.^

What are you "Waiting On" this Wednesday? Leave me a comment or a link to your blog post and I'll be sure to check it out! :D Happy Reading. (:


  1. It looks good, the ability to read emotions sounds kinda cool. The tagline kinda makes you wonder too... good pick!

  2. I have never heard of this before so thanks for bringing it to my attention, sounds really cool, I adore murder mysteries too.